Food tourism in Peloponnese

Food tourism in Peloponnese has been very popular amongst the visitors of all ages. The offered services and thus the ooportunities are endless. Food is now a main motivation for travelers choosing their destinations. Travelers are spending more time and money on unique food and beverage experiences.

Food tourism in Peloponnese and in Greece is not just a local trend. On the contrary, we have seen a global increase in the number of food tour companies, food and beverage focused events and food and beverage experience-focused marketing efforts.

“Food tourism in Peloponnese has been very popular amongst the visitors of all ages. The offered services and thus the ooportunities are endless. ”Villa Bamour Epidaurus

What is Food Tourism?

According to thew World Food Travel Association there are three phrases that are functionally equivalent: “Food Travel & Food Tourism“, “Culinarry Tourism“, and “Gastronomy Tourism“. The phrase you prefer to use really depends on your perspective, and your mother tongue.

Those who participate in food tourism learn about local culinary cultures and customs. They travel near and far to find authentic food and beverage experiences. They discover new flavors, textures, cultures, and heritage.

Food tourism in Peloponnese is no different. The locals are carrying and evolve the culinary tradition of Greece as it took shape at the early years of the modern Greece state. Also, the local area is full of local produce that contribute in finding biological, fresh and authentic ingredients.

Top suggestions for Food Tourism in Peloponnese

Cooking classes
8 cooking hats

8 cooking hats

Hands on cooking classes, master classes and private gourmet dinners with internationally awarded chef in a stunning location. Each menu is unique and designed specially for you, taking into consideration all your requirements, such as taste preferences, food allergies and intolerances and so on. During class you will cook 6 course meal of 4 cold and warm starters, main course and dessert . Only organic ingredients, wild fish and seafood, free range meat and poultry are being used during the lessons.

Cooking classes in Nafplio with Ivy

Kopiaste – Cooking Classes in Nafplio

Kopiaste, is all about healthy eating and living. I post tasty and healthy recipes, along with other health and food related things! If you visit Nafplio and wish to learn to cook traditional Greek dishes, Cypriot cuisine as well (upon request), visit Ivy. Her cooking classes are generally one day courses and are tailor made, depending on the time you have available. They can range from 4 – 6 hours and include the preparation of a multi-course meal, which you will enjoy with amazing local wine or beer at the end of the class.

Wineries and Distilleries

Skouras Winery

Situated among vineyards, the Domaine Skouras winery is an ultra-modern winemaking facility, with an elegant Greek architecture, designed to ensure proper and thorough procedures of the highest standards in all aspects of wine production and bottling and a first class experience for visitors seeking education, entertainment, initiation to wine or hospitality. Visit the state-of-the-art grape reception hall with a crushing capacity of 800 tonnes. See the 80 temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks for fermentation and the impressive one-thousand-barrel cellar has a constant temperature of +14°C and 70% humidity.


Koroniotis Winery

Koroniotis Estate Winery is a family-owned boutique winery that produces limited quantities of quality wine for the enjoyment of the discerning wine drinker. The winery is located in the N.E. Peloponnese in Panorama Argos.

koroniotis winery

Karonis Distilleries

Karonis Distilleries are situated in Nafplion (on the road leading to the Palamidi Castle). A 145-years-old family business is now run by Fotis and Yiannis Karonis (4th and 5th generations of the original establishers of the business). Their main products are Ouzo, Tsipouro, and Masticha all distilled in modern copper stills. Karonis Distilleries offer the opportunity for visits to the distillery, to taste their products and to show you around the distilleries museum where letters, books and other things from 1870.

Karonis Distilleries in Nafplion

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